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Understanding Web Hosting

Web Hosting Plans…

Choosing a web hosting package can be confusing. We will try to make things as understandable as possible for you.

We offer various levels of web and email hosting so you can choose what’s the best fit for you. Let’s start with some facts for you to help you make an informed decision.

Two main things that are touted in web hosting sales are Drive Space and Bandwidth.
  • Drive Space is about the same thing it is on your computer at home or work. A properly built, fairly robust website with many images may average around 50 megabytes of space unless there’s a large photo gallery.
  • Bandwidth is the amount of data coming from and going to your web site. It is also known as throughput. It is measured in bits, not bytes and there are 8 bits to the byte. For example, if your home page is about 100 kilobytes with images included, it will take roughly 800 kilobits of bandwidth to show it to someone on their computer. Bandwidth is usually calculated on a monthly basis.

If you are just starting out you probably won’t require much space on the server or much bandwidth. So why are so many web hosting companies advertising something like 100 GB of Drive Space and 1000 GB of monthly bandwidth ? See our Common Myths About Web Hosting page.

Another huge factor is Owner Participation.

Are your concerns being addressed by the owner or a managing partner of the hosting company at any point? Are you actually dealing with someone in the United States of America? Let’s face it, sometimes employee’s are just there to collect a paycheck. Sometimes a company will farm out tech support to a 3rd party support company, often based in another country.

Understanding Web HostingCommon Myths About Web HostingWhat is Managed Web Hosting and is it right for me?