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The Story

Way back when we started in 2001, we had thoughts of becoming a huge web site hosting company. We tried on those clothes for several years but decided that just wasn’t our path. You see, we were also operating a PC repair and maintenance company, Coast Information Technology, which was keeping us very busy running to client’s offices and data centers around Southern California. Our aspirations of hosting 1,000,000 web sites slowly faded away, but we weren’t too disapointed.

You see, to get an idea of how we compared to the big box hosting companies, we got accounts with several of them. We did pretty much the same things our customers would do. What we found out that some were very slow, some went offline during the first week of the account. Some of the big guys had tech support staff that didn’t know how to answer our questions. And none of them could provide any kind of personalized service that made us feel like we were important to them at all.

Some years back we decided to leave that rat race of California behind and move to the Great State of Texas. We couldn’t be happier with that decision! We always had a love for the outdoors, especially fishing and boating and Texas is terrific for both. Now, to stay in step with living the lifestyle we’ve always wanted, we are changing the focus of our company. HostedPro (part of Coast Information Technology) is focusing on the people, clubs and companies who bring the great outdoors to the Internet.

We are here to provide web hosting and design services to fishermen, fishing clubs, tournament trails, marinas, boat repair shops, boat dealerships, lure makers, rod makers and about anyone involved with the fishing & boating world. We ourselves have boats & fish most every chance we get so we know your passions.

If you aren’t into fishind & boating, don’t worry, it’s not your fault! We’re always happy to work with anyone who wants solid web hosting and superior customer service. We are just pursuing our love of fishing and boating and want to help those industries achieve a proper presence on the web.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and projecting your visions to the world.



Karl [HostPro Owner/Admin]