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Lake Livingston Fish Attractors

Lake Livingston Fish Attractors have been deployed by Texas Black Bass Unlimited and TPWD. The coordinates are:

From 10/18/12 attractor drop at Kickapoo Creek area

#1 30°50’28.61″N 95° 5’0.82″W #2 30°50’30.36″N 95° 4’59.85″W #3 30°50’36.89″N 95° 4’53.00″W #4 30°50’36.85″N 95° 4’40.22″W #5 30°50’39.56″N 95° 4’52.50″W

Degrees Decimal Minutes #1 30° 50.477’N 95° 5.014’W #2 30° […]

HostedPro’s New Site Layout

The old web site was getting very tired! It was WAY past time to update the site so we finally did it.

The old web site was built in 2005-2006 and, at the time, we thought it looked alright. But after looking it for so many years we just started getting tired of it. We […]