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Welcome to HostedPro

The Internet is a vast horizon with limitless possibilities. It’s no wonder so many people are launching their own websites. Having a website is important to many; for sharing thoughts and opinions, branding themselves in their trade or hobby, or as a means of marketing their product. The only limits are imagination and budget.

We take special care in developing your ideas and doing so within your budget. Developing a proper website has it’s challenges, that’s why we discuss your vision and goals with you in detail. We take what we do very seriously but have fun doing it.

Our services are expertly tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. Each website is developed in a test server space, accessible to you, so you can watch the progress and give us your input. When you decide it’s exactly what you want to represent you on the web, it’s moved into the production environment. After your site is launched we are still here for you, providing personal service to make your Internet experience what it should be.

We are ready to handle your project, from the dream to the site launch.

  • Register your domain name
  • Conceive, design and build your website
  • Host your website
  • Manage your website if you choose
  • Setup email accounts and spam filters
  • Submit your website to search engines
  • Tune your website for optimum searchability (SEO)
  • Update your web content to keep visitors coming back to your site

But we also offer you options. If you want to control all aspects of your website including all the above, we have your back there too. We offer cPanel®, the hosting industry’s best and most popular control panel. With this you will be able to control 99% of all aspects of your email and website. Have a look at a sample control panel here.

You want websites, logos, databases and applications that work for you.
We offer you the services that do just that.